Answers to All Your Telehealth Questions

Have you ever wondered about seeing a healthcare provider without going to the doctor's office? That's where telehealth comes in! In recent years, telehealth has become a popular way for people to connect with healthcare professionals without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

Variety Care’s Director of Digital Health, Robb Wetmore, is here to answer our questions about what telehealth is, how it works, and why it's transforming the way we receive medical care. 

Hi Robb! I keep hearing about Telehealth visits. What does a Telehealth visit mean and why should I try it? 

A: Telehealth, short for telemedicine, is the use of technology to deliver healthcare services remotely. Instead of going to a doctor’s office, you can consult with a healthcare professional from the comfort of your home through a video call.  Variety Care Telehealth Provider

Q: What are the benefits to a telehealth visit? 

A: Telehealth offers several advantages, such as convenience, reduced travel time, and increased accessibility to healthcare. It's especially beneficial for individuals with mobility issues, those in rural areas, or anyone looking for a quick medical consultation. Additionally, telehealth is very convenient for follow up care.  

Q: What conditions can I get treated for via telehealth? 

A: Telehealth can handle various health concerns, from routine check-ups to managing chronic conditions. Common concerns include cold and flu, allergies, skin conditions, mental health services, and medication management. If your telehealth provider determines more care is needed, they can schedule you for an in person visit. However, for life-threatening emergencies, you should always seek immediate in-person medical attention. 

To find a Variety Care telehealth provider, check out our list of providers.

Q: How do I prepare for a telehealth appointment? 

A: First, make sure you have MyChart set up. MyChart is an online tool that helps you keep track of your health. You can find out about things like your test results, the medicines you take, and when your next appointment is. If you are an existing patient and have not set up your MyChart account, you will need an activation code. You may text the word “Activate” to 405-632-6688 and an activation code will be sent to your mobile phone.  

Once you have MyChart activated, you will need to have stable internet connection, a device with a camera and microphone (computer, smartphone, or tablet), and a quiet, private space. Have your medical history, current medications, and the questions or concerns you’d like to talk about. If you can, familiarize yourself with the telehealth platform your provider is using and test your equipment before your visit is scheduled.  

Q: Is my telehealth visit covered by insurance? 

A: Many insurance plans now cover telehealth services, especially for routine visits. However, coverage can vary, so it’s a good idea to check with your insurance first. 

Q: How do you think telemedicine will change healthcare in the future? 

A: Telehealth is healthcare. It’s a modern and accessible way to receive medical care. With the convenience it offers, more people are turning to telehealth for their healthcare needs. Providers are excited to use telehealth as a convenience for patients and be able to reach individuals who have limited access to regular healthcare.  

Robb, thank you for the useful information about Telehealth! It sounds easy and convenient. How do I schedule my telehealth appointment? 

You can schedule your telehealth appointment with a Variety Care provider by calling 405-632-6688.