Frequently Asked Questions


New Patient Information

Are you accepting new patients?
Yes, we are seeing new patients for medical care, dental care, women's health services, and much more. If you are in the OKC metro area, please call (405) 632-6688 to make an appointment. If you live in southwestern Oklahoma and would like to make an appointment at one of our rural locations, please call toll-free (866) 388-6688.

What should I bring to my first appointment?
In general, the following items are all we need to get you set up as a new patient. Please be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before your first scheduled appointment to allow time for paperwork. If you'd like to download a copy of our new patient paperwork and fill it out at home, you can arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment instead.

  • Identification
    (i.e. Social Security card, valid driver's license, birth certificate or another form of official identification).
  • If insured: Insurance information
    If you have private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, you must bring your card.
  • If uninsured: Proof of income
    • If you are employed, bring a pay stub, an unemployment check stub, a recent tax return or a letter from your employer to prove your family income.
    • If you are unemployed, please bring a notarized letter from friend/family member stating unemployment.
    • Note: You might be interested in talking to one of our no-cost Certified Application Counselors who can help explain options for health care coverage that may be available to you through SoonerCare (Medicaid) or the Insurance Marketplace (private insurance).  No appointment is needed - click here for more information.
  • All current medications. Also bring a list of any herbs or supplements you take.
  • Immunizations record (for children needing immunizations).
  • If you are bringing a child in for an appointment and you are not their legal guardian or parent, please call (405) 632-6688 to ask about appropriate documentation.

Can I download a copy of new patient registration forms?
We will be adding updated copies of these forms to our website soon.


Payment / Insurance Information 

Do you accept SoonerCare (Medicaid)?
Yes, we accept SoonerCare, also known as Medicaid at all sites for both medical and dental services.

We also provide assistance with the online application form for SoonerCare (Medicaid) at no cost to you. If you or someone in your family needs to apply for SoonerCare (Medicaid), we are glad to help. Click here to find out what dates and times walk-in enrollment assistance is available at the location near you or call 405-632-6688 and dial extension 15115 to speak with Alicia for more information.

What types of insurance do you accept?
In addition to SoonerCare, we accept many private insurance plans and Medicare. This information changes often and may vary by location or provider, so it is best to check with your insurance company directly to find out if Variety Care is part of their network of providers. If you would like more general information about the insurance plans we accept, please call us at (405) 632-6688 and we will do the best we can do answer your question.

Is Variety Care a free clinic?
No, Variety Care is a non-profit community health center and charges a fee for services. Variety Care's mission is "making quality health care affordable and accessible" and, in addition to affordable rates, we offer many programs and partnerships that can help patients access the care they need. Variety Care offers a sliding fee scale to uninsured patients which adjusts fees for many services based on their household size and income. We accept Medicaid/SoonerCare, Medicare, and most private insurances.

How much does an office visit cost?
Insured patients pay according to their co-pays and deductibles. Uninsured patients who qualify and provide all required documents pay according to a sliding fee scale that adjusts fees based on your household income and number of family members living in the home. The sliding scale determines the amount of your office visit.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, we can work with you on payment arrangements. Please note that prepayment in full is required for services including dentures, root canals, crowns, and eye glass frames and lenses. Prepayment in full is also required on most procedures, such as vasectomies. Other services and procedures may also require prepayment in full.

If you have insurance that doesn’t cover much or insurance with a high deductible, you may qualify to pay on the sliding-fee scale after we file with your insurance company.


General Information 

Do you accept walk in appointments?
Our Urgent Care services are available to new and established Variety Care patients and offer extended hours and weekend hours.

In addition, established patients of Variety Care at Straka Terrace, 10th Street, N. Portland and all rural locations can be seen on a walk in basis pending availability. New patients to the health center must first schedule a new patient appointment by calling (405) 632-6688. After an initial new patient appointment, then the patient can be seen on a walk-in basis. We will see new patients based on urgency and availability. Please call (405) 632-6688 for appointment times.

Do you offer immunizations / shots / vaccinations?

Patients with insurance coverage generally do not pay out of pocket for immunizations - however, coverage varies and we recommend you call your insurance provider to verify coverage.

Patients without insurance who qualify for the sliding scale and have provided all required paperwork receive immunizations at no cost to them. If you do not qualify for the sliding scale for any reason (for example, if your income is too high or you cannot provide all required documentation), a $15 administration fee will apply for each immunization provided. This fee may vary in special situations - ask your provider for more information.

Please note: If you are bringing your child in for an office visit, fees for immunizations are in addition to the fee for an office visit.

Do you do lab work?
Yes. We have on-site laboratories for testing at all health center sites. Some lab tests require that samples we collect be sent to them for test results. In those cases, we work with a local laboratory provider. Lab tests fees are usually eligible for the sliding fee scale, but consideration and exclusions do apply.

Do you offer x-rays or other medical imaging services?

We offer x-rays on-site at our Straka Terrace location. If you see a provider at another Variety Care location, they can provide a referral for an x-ray at Straka Terrace if necessary.

We also offer ultrasound services at Straka Terrace.


Dental Information 

Do you offer free cleanings?
No, we do not offer free cleaning of teeth. If you have dental insurance that we accept, we will file a claim with your dental insurance company and you will be responsible for any fees they do not cover. If you do not have dental insurance, the fees for service are based on your household income and number of family members living in the home.

Can you extract a tooth or provide a tooth filling on my first visit?
Typically, we do not extract or provide fillings on the first visit. After an evaluation and x-rays, the dentist will develop a treatment plan covering any necessary procedures.


Medications and Pharmacy 

Can Variety Care help me with the cost of my medications?
Variety Care has access to many programs and partnerships that may apply to your situation. For example, we offer the Patient Assistance Program for patients who qualify based on income to receive certain medications at no charge. Other medications can be purchased at a discounted rate through our Pharmacy Program.


Sexually Transmitted Infection / STD / HIV Information 

Do you test for and treat sexually transmitted infections?
Yes, Variety Care offers testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases by regular appointment. To learn more, visit our webpage about HIV.

Do you offer HIV testing at no cost?
HIV testing is available at no cost once a month at our Straka Terrace location. Testing is confidential and available on a first come, first served basis. You do not need to bring any documents with you to take advantage of this no cost service and there is no paperwork for you to fill out.

Many insurances will cover the cost of HIV testing; however, those without insurance may qualify to receive a test for as low at $4 at Variety Care. Call us at (405) 632 - 6688 to learn more about pricing or visit our webpage to learn more about our HIV services.