Community Health Worker

At Variety Care, we value and care for our patients. We strive to provide the best service to all and want to make  a patient center medical home that includes multiple services. Not only do we offer medical care, but we also have community health care workers who can help patients in a variety of ways.  Community health workers advocate for the needs and improvements of their community. They serve and educate individuals by providing them with different services and resources related to healthcare. Community health workers work closely with health care providers, other community partners, schools and insurances. They have a passion for helping, motivating, guiding and doing everything in their hands to facilitate patients needs. 

  • Home visits
  • Picking up/delivering medication, food 
  • Medical Devices/ Equipment  
  • Medication reconciliation by referral 
  • Transportation resources to VC Clinics
  • Safety concerns 
  • Fall prevention/assessment
  • Advantage application
  • SNAP/Food Stamps Application
  • Other resources in the community




If you need help finding a community health worker, make sure you ask your provider or call 405-482-8258 or 405-482-6691