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Skin is the largest organ in the human body and can be affected by many conditions and diseases. Our caring dermatology team is specially trained to diagnose and treat a wide variety of skin problems. Dermatology services are currently offered by referral only at Straka Terrace.




Treatment of a wide variety of skin conditions and disorders:




Modern acne treatment can help reduce breakouts and restore clear skin.


hair loss (alopecia)

Treatment options for hair loss on the scalp or elsewhere on the body.



Treatment of itchy, dry patches that commonly cause rashes and cansometimes involve the nails or joints.



We have multiple treatment methods to help reduce the itchy, red inflamed skin that affects 10-30% of people.


skin cancer

Identification, testing, and treatment of pre-cancerous skin lesions (actinic keratoses) and skin cancer.




allergic reactions (contact dermatitis)


nail diseases


skin growths


skin infections






loss of skin color or white spots (vitiligo)




and others



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