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  • Don Nevard



    Partner, Derryberry and Naifeh

    Donald began serving on the Variety Care board in September 2008 and currently serves as president of the board. He believes in the mission of Variety Care and chose to become involved because he enjoys helping the under and uninsured.

    "I strongly believe that you don’t get involved with an organization without being fully committed to furthering its mission. I am dedicated to Variety Care and its mission to improve the state of health care in our community. It’s a calling and I enjoy doing it."

    As president of the board, Donald currently serves on the Executive Committee and chairs the Nominating, Business Development and FIP Oversight committees.

  • Amy Dunn

    Vice President


    Vice President, CB Richard Ellis

    Amy has been on the board since April 2006 and also currently serves on the Variety Care Foundation board. She previously served on the committee that merged the Variety Health Center and Oklahoma Community Health Services into what Variety Care is today. She says she looks forward to expanding Variety Care’s reach in the community and serving more patients in the future.

    "Many people who are the backbone of the Oklahoma economy don’t have access to quality health care. It’s important we provide everyone in the state with affordable health care services to improve the well-being of each Oklahoman and the state as a whole."

    As board treasurer, Amy currently chairs the Finance Committee and serves on the Executive, Business Development and FIP Oversight committees.

  • MaryAnn Martin



    Account Executive & Variety Care Patient

    MaryAnn Martin, Ph.D., is the Director of Communications for Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Oklahoma.

    MaryAnn joined the board of directors for Variety Care in the winter of 2015. She received her doctorate from the University of Iowa in 2010 and lives in Norman with her husband and three daughters. She teaches courses in public relations at OU in addition to managing all strategic communications for Gaylord College. After a lifetime of complicated health issues and a family with multiple chronic health conditions, MaryAnn has experienced firsthand the need for access to affordable health care. She proudly serves on Variety Care's board to work towards affordable health care for all Oklahomans.

  • Andrew Lasser, PhD



    Chairman, American University Health Care, Inc.

    Andy joined the Variety Care board in 2012 with an extensive background in health care experience.

    "I've been involved in health care at the administrative level for about 35 years on the hospital side of the delivery system, and I think that the kind of care that Variety Care offers is going to become a more important component of the larger health care system than it's ever been in the past."

    Andy believes the biggest value offered by Variety Care is how it helps connect people with few resources into the health care system.

    He serves on the Finance, Business Development, and Quality committees.

  • Lou Carmichael

    Variety Care CEO


    Ex Officio

    Lou has been the CEO of Variety Care since 2005. Since joining the organization in 2002, she has overseen tremendous growth in Variety Care's capacity, services and resources.  She graduated from the University of North Texas with a BA in Political Science and Psychology. She completed masters programs at the Kellogg School of Business (Northwestern University), and at the University of Michigan.

    "Variety Care's mission of making quality health care affordable and accessible is a community effort. It takes all of us. The talent and commitment of our board, donors and a dedicated staff make possible for us to serve more than 50,000 Oklahomans annually.

    "I am thankful and honored to work alongside a staff that has a ‘cause’ not just a job. With strong community partners and support we are expanding access to meet and ever growing demand for quality primary care. This effort is an exciting and rewarding experience for everyone engaged in the Variety Care story and your commitment to help is an investment in Oklahoma."

    The CEO serves on the executive committee ex officio without a vote.



  • Mariano Acuna

    Variety Care Patient


    Attorney, Abel Law Firm

    Mariano joined the Variety Care board in June 2009. He served as vice president of the board for one year before becoming board president in July 2011. He believes providing access to health care is an important step in improving the health of Oklahoma.

    “Access to quality health care provides a solid foundation for any community, and it is essential for the future success of our state. After seeing the commitment of the staff at Variety Care, I was so impressed with the operations that I wanted to help them in their mission to better the community.”

  • Paul Albers



    More information coming soon.

  • Ann Dagg

    Variety Care Patient


    Senior V.P. and Wealth Management Advisor, Cadent Capital Management

    Ann joined the Variety Care Foundation board at the time of its creation in 2009 and has served as treasurer from 2011 to 2013. She says she joined the Foundation Board because she believes in the mission of making quality health care affordable and accessible.

    During her time on the Foundation Board, she has chaired the planning committee for the Variety Show, the annual spring fundraising event, for three years.

    She was later elected to chair the Board of Directors.

  • Jared Deck

    Variety Care Patient


    Business Owner

    Jared joined the Variety Care board in January 2014. He serves on the Governance Committee.

    "In today's service-based market, Variety Care is a shining star in patient-centered, outcome-based health care. As Oklahomans, we strive for excellence in serving all patients throughout our state."

    While not attending board meetings, Jared is a father of two and works as an insurance agent and musician.

  • Talesa Flenniken

    Variety Care Patient


    Director of Human Resources, Diakonos Group, LLC

    Talesa has served the board of Variety Care more than seven years, and has served as chairwoman of the board six of her seven years of service. Although, she initially joined to help the Governing Board, she was involved because of her interest in the health of the community.

    "We offer services statewide with profitable long-term benefits for the community at large, including the results of the improvement in overall health. When you invest in Variety Care, either with your time or money, the return on investment for you, the community and the state is invaluable."

  • Janie McCurdy


    Director, American Fidelity Customer Service Operations

    "My first contact with Variety Care was through the annual Variety Show fundraiser.  I have just been so inspired by the ability to help children and adults who otherwise have limited access to care.  Variety Care just gets the most out of every single dime we have."

  • Rachel Ramirez

    Variety Care Patient


    Operations Director

    More information coming soon.

  • John H. Stuemky, MD


    Faculty and Pediatrician, OU Children's Hospital

    John has served on the Variety Care board for more than six years and also currently serves on the Variety Care Foundation Board. As a pediatrician, John has experienced the need for an organization like Variety Care first-hand. He says his professional experience increases his commitment to Variety Care’s goals and provides him with a testimony to explain how vital the health center is to the community.

    “Being a physician at OU Children’s Hospital has allowed me to help the board further appreciate the medical responsibilities of Variety Care as a community health center, specifically in regard to serving children. Variety Care allows children throughout the state of Oklahoma to receive the care they need, which is something I am truly passionate about.”

  • Leslie Warrior

    Variety Care Patient


    Office Manager

    More information coming soon.

  • Titi Ekogbulu

    Advisory Visit - Norman

    More information coming soon.

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